Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cramming results

Thirty seven days ago, in this post, I made an ambitious commitment to read Principles of Helicopter Flight (for the first time) and finish Rotorcraft Flying Handbook (for the second time) before leaving for Hawaii and flight school. That was 26 + 7 = 33 chapters to be read in 38 days. I leave tomorrow, so let's tally it up.

I read 19 chapters in Principles of Helicopter Flight.

I read zero chapters in Rotorcraft Flying Handbook.

I also read 10 "sections" in Private Pilot: Guided Flight Discovery. This is the standard text for fixed-wing students, but the sections on instruments, weather, and radio are relevant to helicopters, and I decided I needed to go through those.

So, that's the equivalent of 29 chapters. I fell a little short of 33, but still a pretty good effort considering my existential crisis.

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